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version 1.0 — January 16, 2019

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Policy Enforcer is used to check and remediate restriction policies on a Workspace ONE Managed Windows 10 machine. If a user were to try to override configured Policy CSP settings by attempting to edit the Windows Registry, Policy Enforcer will compare the current value with the MDM configured value and reset the registry if the values differ.

Policy Enforcer can be implemented by uploading the MSI installer to the WS1 UEM console and deploying as an internal app via Apps & Books.


  • Windows 10 1709+
  • Workspace ONE UEM 1810+


  • Download the Policy Enforcer MSI from the Flings website
  • Login to WS1 UEM console
  • Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > Native
  • Under Internal apps, click the Add Application button
  • Upload the Policy Enforcer MSI. Once complete, hit Continue
  • In the Details tab, rename the app to whatever else you may want it to say
  • In the Deployment Options tab, scroll down and set Admin Privileges to YES. Click Save & Assign
  • On the Assignment page, click the Add Assignment button
  • Add the relevant Assignment Groups
  • Set the App delivery method to Auto, click Add at the bottom of the page
  • Verify that the assignment has been updated, add any additional assignments. Once complete, click Save & Publish
  • On the next screen, preview the assigned devices to make sure that the assignments are correct, and then Click Publish

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