May 17, 2020

1.vSphere 7.0支持么?
2.好像没有web console来登录虚拟机?

May 19, 2020

Thanks for show interest in this Fling.
1. We don't test for vSphere 7.0 , but it should be work.
2. Currently it doesn't support web console yet. We have plan for that.

May 13, 2020

Very interesting project. Wondering if it would be appropriate for a small managed service provider to centrally manage 11 client ESXi hosts.

It would be nice to be able to map port 443 to something else. We already have 443 in use on multiple IP addresses. Hmm, maybe spin up the manager at our remote office...

May 13, 2020

1> 11 Will not be a problem.

2> you can modify the /opt/vmware/pallas/

Line 87 change 443:443 to


then you need to restart the service by
systemctl stop pallas

systemctl start pallas