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NSX Mobile

version 1.0.1 — May 04, 2021

Release Date: April 26, 2021


Are you an NSX admin? Do you spend major part of your work in monitoring the network and/or its security? Do you have the NSX web UI open on your laptop/desktop most of the day to make sure all the services are up and connectivity between systems is fine?

Carrying a laptop all the time with you could be quite challenging task, especially in situations like the current pandemic. However, your smartphone would be on you most of the time. NSX Mobile brings the ease of monitoring the networking and security right from your phone.

NSX Mobile complements the full-fledged NSX-T web UI by providing monitoring capabilities on the go. If you find something wrong, you can use the conventional web UI or ask someone else to investigate the matter immediately. Focus of the app is to provide instant notifications when something goes wrong and side by side ability to monitor the network & its security from a smartphone.


  • Just install it & login with your NSX-T credentials to get started (make sure that the NSX version is 3.0+ and the NSX IP/domain name is reachable from your smartphone)
  • List and search all networking and security entities (e.g. Tier-0s, Network segments, Firewall Rules, etc.)
  • View alarms generated on NSX (e.g. CPU usage high OR a VPN failed to realize OR Intrusion detected in case if you have IDS firewall, etc.)
  • Push notifications - COMING SOON
  • Quick actions (enable/disable options wherever possible, actions on failures/alarms) - COMING SOON

VMware NSX 3.0+

Version 1.0.1

  • App icon updated