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Lctree is a tool designed for the visualization of linked clone VM trees created by VMware vCloud Director. Linked clone is a feature available in vSphere that creates a clone of a VM from a snapshot point. The new VM’s disks are not full copies of the source disks, but instead, are delta disks which point back to the snapshot’s disks. This feature is widely used in vCloud Director.


  • Tree generation is fast compared to solutions using data fetched from vCenter/ESX server
  • Hierarchical tree view
  • Node properties & separate disk chain view
  • Refresh & Search option
  • Traditional tree view in separate tabs
  • Relocate order of virtual machines in a tree
See the Change Log for additions in Lctree1.1 See ReadMe.pdf for more information.
  • Java Runtime Environment 6
  • vCloud Director (vCD) 1.5 or 5.1
  •  Run the following command from the folder containing lctree.jar:

java -jar lctree.jar [path-to-config-file]

  • For more details, see the ReadMe(PDF)If path-to-config-file is omitted, the program will search for the config file (lctree.ini) in user's home directory
  • If the config file cannot be found, the user will be prompted to enter the configuration details (see pdf).

This update addresses few bugs and adds following features:

  • Disk size and size of each of the links in the disk tree view
  • Export disk descriptor properties table and node properties table to CSV files
  • Sorting disk descriptor properties table based on any of the columns