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Latency Sensitivity Troubleshooting Tool

The Latency Sensitivity Troubleshooting Tool provides scripts and examples to troubleshoot configuration and performance problems with the Latency Sensitivity feature in VMware vSphere 5.5. Features
  • Python script that runs on ESXi to check virtual machine and physical NIC (PNIC) configuration to monitor host, virtual machine, and PNIC performance.
  • Python program to process traces from pktcap-uw for a ping workload and print time spent in ESXi on the receive path, time spent in the virtual machine, and time spent in ESXi on the transmit path.
  • A simple C program demonstrating the trace format generated by pktcap-uw. The C program was tested on an x86_64 Linux virtual machine.
  • Example SystemTap scripts to break down ping and netperf TCP_RR latencies inside a Red Hat Linux guest. These scripts were tested on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 virtual machine.
  • scripts/ requires an ESXi host running vSphere 5.5.
  • Python version 2.6.8 or later required for the Python scripts.
  • Other scripts and binaries can run on x86_64 Linux hosts with some modifications. The scripts were tested on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 virtual machine.
  • Unzip files.
  • If using SystemTap, modify the SystemTap files based on the module symbols of interest and the TCP/UDP ports of interest.

Look for more detailed information in the download.