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version 1.1.1 — April 12, 2017

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VMware IOInsight is a tool to help people understand a VM's storage I/O behavior. By understanding their VM's I/O characteristics, customers can make better decisions at storage capacity planning and performance tuning. IOInsight ships as a virtual appliance that can be deployed in any vSphere environment and an intuitive web-based UI allows users to choose VMDKs to monitor and view results.

Where does IOInsight help?

  • Customers may better tune and size their storage
  • When contacting VMware Support for any vSphere storage issues, including a report from IOInsight can help VMware Support better understand the issues and can potentially lead to faster resolutions.
  • VMware Engineering can optimize products with better understanding of various customers' application behavior.

IOInsight captures I/O traces from ESXi and generates various aggregated metrics that represent the I/O behavior. The IOInsight report contains only these aggregated metrics and there is no sensitive information about the application itself. In addition to the built-in metrics computed by IOInsight, users can also write new analyzer plugins to IOInsight and visualize the results. A comprehensive SDK and development guide is included in the download bundle.

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  • 4vCPU and 2GB VM memory
  • VM storage space: 2GB (can grow up to 16GB)
  • vSphere 5.5 or above
  • Recommended browsers: Chrome and Safari
  • SSH should be enabled in ESX machines to be monitored


Detailed instructions are provided in the VMware IOinsight User Guide.pdf


IOInsight v1.1.1 - April 12, 2017

  • Added option to download logs for troubleshooting
  • Removed 'Send Logs' option as we were not receiving mails from external networks due to mailserver issue
  • Fixed support for ESXi-5.5 which was broken in v1.1.0
  • Minor changes in UI and logs

IOInsight v1.1

New Features

  • Commandline utility to setup static IP / DHCP
  • Option to set NTP servers
  • Option in UI to send logs and results to IOInsight developers for troubleshooting

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed VC login issues
  • Handling of several special characters in VM name
  • Improved correctness of IO-size histogram
  • Better handling of monitoring VMDKs with very less I/Os
  • Improved alert messages in UI and logs
  • Improved graph visualizations

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