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Infrastructure Deployer for vCloud NFV

version 3.3 — August 17, 2020


Infrastructure Deployer for vCloud NFV is an automation-based deployment tool used for setting up the VMware vCloud NFV platform - 3.3 vCloud NFV OSE (OpenStack Edition). It is based on VMware vCloud NFV 3.0 Reference Architecture design and targets greenfield deployments only.

There are two components:

The input text file - User enters all details of the environment and component products that need to be deployed
The power shell scripts - Executed to do the actual deployment of the products.


Infrastructure Requirements

A Windows jump VM should be setup on the infrastructure host. The tool is executed on this VM and should have access to the management network. This VM should also have access to all the supporting infrastructure components listed below:

  • DNS Server : Provides forward and reverse lookup services to all platform components
  • Must Have : All component and physical servers used for deployment should have their FQDN updated in the DNS server. This is a hard requirement for the Infrastructure Deployer.
  • NTP Server : Provides a time synchronization service to all components
  • PowerShell Version 5.0 or higher
  • PowerCLI Version 10.x or higher

Important: Latest windows patches should be installed on the windows jump VM, in order for the scripts to run successfully.


Please see the user guide in the Downloads.



Version 3.3 Update

  • Updated RAID version from 3.2.1 vCloud NFV VCD to 3.3 vCloud NFV OSE (OpenStack Edition)

Version 3.2.1 Update

  • Updated to new version
  • Replaced user guide the new version

Version 3.2.0 Update

  • Removed internal link in User Guide. Added a link to the correct external location
  • Removed duplicate User Guide document in zip file

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