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Comment thread started by AlmostIT on Imager

Nov 04, 2022

For anyone trying this on a nested virtual machine, vSphere/ESXI 7.x, running Windows 21H2 Enterprise LTSC, make sure you install Microsoft Edge Web View Runtime or an "application not responding" will present itself within the task manager and the application will not open.

Ben made a similar comment below. It should probably be mentioned as a "system requirement" as it might save some folks troubleshooting time. I almost gave up on the application. It is running now and I am testing my first image. Also, I did what Ben did and made the registry change in advance, not sure it was necessary in my case.

Hopefully it works. Thanks to the developers!

Nov 04, 2022

Short lived. I got an error "C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\VMware\Imager\cache\adksetup.exe" failed to run with exit code 15605. I'll see what that is all about.

Nov 04, 2022

The problem, at least for me, was Windows ADK not downloading and installing (automatically). I had to manually install those, based on my Windows Version, which is Windows 10 21H2 Enterprise, but afterward it worked.

So, ultimately I installed Edge View Runtime, Windows ADK manually. I imagine on a newer, Windows 11 environment this might not be necessary.

Nov 06, 2022

Thanks AlmostIT for persisting through these problems and the feedback! I will look into getting a proper fix to the Edge View runtime issue and will update the system requirements as you suggested.
Googling the adksetup 15605 exit code, this seems specifically a download failure from the Microsoft site. I would like to take a closer look as not something we have encountered before. Can you please share the imagertoolw log file (under %LOCALAPPDATA%\VMware\Imager\logs) to:, which is a direct channel to our dev team.