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Horizon View Persona Management Share Validation Tool

version 1.0 — March 16, 2015

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The Horizon View Persona Management Share Validation Tool is a command-line utility that analyzes user profiles and CIFS shares used by Persona Management to ensure minimum security requirements are met. Persona depends on two CIFS shares to function: the central profile store and the redirected folder share. If the permissions on these CIFS shares fail to meet minimum requirements, then Persona Management will not function correctly. Therefore, this tool has been created to analyze the settings and permissions on the specified CIFS share or profile, identify any incorrect settings or permissions, and suggest steps to correct any issues found.


  • Windows 7 or later, 32 or 64-bitW2K8
  • Server R2 or W2K12 Server


The Horizon View Persona Management Share Validation Tool analyzes local profiles, roaming profiles, central profile stores, or redirected folder shares.  The utility must be run under a user account that has full control on the target (local profile, roaming profile, or share).  In cases where local system is the only user with full control, a scheduled task can run the utility as local system.  In the best case, the user profiles have the administrators group with full control for maintenance purposes and thus an administrative user can be used to run the utility.

A detailed report is generated in the same folder as the utility.  The report enumerates the findings and suggests what is needed to fix any issues.  The report shows which permissions are set and which ones are missing, but required.  If any issues are noted in the report, users should consult “Settings Access Permissions on Shared Folders for View Persona Management” for specifics on how to configure the CIFS share.  See the following link for a sample report.


VMWVvpValidator.exe <Folder Type> <UNC Folder Path> <User or Group>

               Folder Type:        Share:    Persona repository or redirected folder share

                                              Profile: User profile

               UNC Folder Path:  If folder type is Profile: Roaming or local profile path

                                                If folder type is Share: Path to central profile store or redirected folder share

               User or Group:   If folder type is Profile: user who owns the profile

                                            If folder type is Share: Security group of users needing to put data on share

               Share Validation Examples:

                              VMWVvpValidator.exe Share \\<server>\<share> <group>

               VMWVvpValidator.exe Share \\PersonaServer\Profiles PersonaUsers

               Profile Validation Examples:

                              Roaming Profile:

                                             VMWVvpValidator.exe Profile \\<server>\<share>\<user>.<domain>.v2 <user>

VMWVvpValidator.exe Profile \\PersonaServer\Profiles\joe.MyDomain.v2 joe

                              Local Profile:

                                             VMWVvpValidator.exe Profile C:\Users\<user> <user>

                                             VMWVvpValidator.exe Profile C:\Users\joe joe

Common Error Messages:

[ERROR] Failed Opening File: \\Acmdc03\Profiles, 0x80070002

Meaning: Verify the correct path is passed to the utility

[ERROR] Failed Opening File: \\Acmdc03\Profiles, 0x80070003

Meaning: Verify the correct path is passed to the utility

[ERROR] Failed Opening File: \\Acmdc03\Profiles, 0x80070005

Meaning: The user running the utility does not have proper permissions to examine the share or profile.

[ERROR] Failed Opening File: \\Acmdc03\Profiles, 0x8007052E

Meaning: The user is attempting to analyze profile or share on the network using a local user account.

[ERROR] SYSTEM must have Full Control

               Meaning: SYSTEM account does not have full control on the profile

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