Feb 04, 2015

Wow. Thanks a lot for your comments.
I will look at the problems and reply you some other day:)

Feb 04, 2015

I really like the tool but i wanted to know if there is any way to change the group from the built in Read Only administrators to something customer.

Feb 04, 2015

For now, only view administrators or read-only administrators can login.
We will consider that in next version.

Feb 03, 2015

Let me begin by saying this is a great idea, one of the many I've seen for Horizon View that I hope will be incorporated into the product itself. That said, here are things I've thought of (issues, requests) while using the Toolbox so far (broken out by section):

* All reports - custom date range needed

Auditing - Sessions
* Session Audit Report
* (REQ) Default to daily count (per day), but have options to view each day by 12 hours, hourly, etc
* (REQ) Actual count on hover (point graph or bar chart works best), with a trending line
* (BUG) Concurrent count is incorrect (does this only affect non-persistent pools?)
* (BUG) Occasionally, there are no pools listed in selection dropdown
* Auditing - Current Sessions Report
* (REQ) Should have sort by column selection
* (REQ) Break out session number to "Connected Sessions" "Disconnected Sessions" "Total Sessions"

Auditing - Users Usage
* Accumulated Use Time
* (BUG) Reporting seems to be way off (ex: Last 2 day report shows users with 388 hours+? Not even possible!)
* (REQ) Actual use time on hover
* Connections
* (REQ) Sortable columns
* (BUG) Is the time cumulative? It can't be correct - reporting ~48 hours for some users in 2 day report, but users are disconnected after set amount of time; no one's actually working that much.
* (REQ) Would be nice to drilldown per user to see log of connections (start/stop time with calculated duration over 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, custom range)

Auditing - Snapshots
* (REQ) (Linked Clone Pools) Nice to see what per pool setting are, but can an actuals report be generated (on-demand) to make sure that there aren't VMs out there running on old/unintended snapshots?

Auditing - Clients
* (BUG) How is the client count derived? ~410 sessions, only ~160 results?
* (???) How are zero clients reported?
* (BUG) Pie chart coloring is not helpful (mostly black, but some coloring, not sure why)?
* (BUG) Percentages on hover (some small slices do not report)
* (REQ) Table view persistence (or just show it at the same time as the pie chart)
* (REQ) Client versions by pool (similar to Auditing Sessions report, "For ALL", or pool name)
* (REQ) Drill down to lists of users (poolname\username), make exportable
* (REQ) Table View needs to be sortable as well, or at least default to sort by version (descending)

Management - Remote Assistance
* (REQ) Can this trigger SMTP notifications?
* (REQ) Allow admin to define request timeout and retention

Feb 05, 2015

I'm also curious about the Client report... is it incrementing the count of each version based on unique users, or does the count increase with every login of a user?

I'm hoping it's based on the unique client ID, so that versions are only tallied/registered once. Does it discard or change the count if the user upgrades their client and reconnects?

Feb 05, 2015

For now, the count increase with every login of a user. And, the clients report is only for this single server. If you have two or three servers, you may get different clients report on different server. Session/Usage reports are for all connection servers.
We can use "unique client ID" for client auditing for next version, but when a client is upgraded, the client ID is also changed.

Feb 06, 2015

Perhaps it's a better measure as a historical report, such as the version of unique clients on specific days, or over a period of time. Either way I think it would be better to register a user only once, rather than each time they connect. The report, however, certainly has less value as an auditing tool if you're capturing the client version on only a single connection server, though.

Jan 29, 2015

A new bug has been fixed that concurrent sessions auditing was not accurate.
Please uninstall the previous version before you install this new version.
Steps for uninstall:
1, Open "cmd.exe(Command Prompt)", "cd Horizon Toolbox1.5\bin" folder,
2, Execute "service remove".

Feb 03, 2015

Has the new version been posted yet? Your comment is from 1/29/15, but the files available for download are dated 12/4/14. What version are you referring to? I have 1.5.1 installed, but it has a bug with concurrent sessions that I hope you are referring to.