Feb 03, 2020

When trying to use horizon 7.11 i cannot access console in any browser. It keeps retrying for about 5 times then says failed too many times! Feels like an authenticaiton issue, there is no firewall in between machine or connection server. Any ideas?

Jan 17, 2020

I keep getting "Horizon 7.2(or later) uses new encryption scheme and Toolbox could not decrypt the passwords, so please input again here.
These passwords will be encrypted and stored. Check Horizon View Administrator for usernames."

When I enter the EventDB password it just sits there. It doesn't allow me to change the username or enter the IP for the server

Jan 19, 2020

It's true that username and IP of EventDB are not editable in Toolbox. Actually, these info is read by Toobox during its starting process. You can change EventDB in Connection Server console(View Configuration -> Event Configuration -> Edit). Once you finish it in CS, restart Toolbox, and then the new settings will be displayed in dialog window.

Jan 21, 2020

In my Horizon Administrator console under Event Configuration. My Event Database is on a SQL Server (2012). Database name is: ViewEvent, username: sv-viewevent and Table Prefix is VD1. I have the correct password for sv-viewevent but Toolbox won't take it

Mar 31, 2020

I have the exact same issue. Would love to make this work somehow. I would be super useful during this time.

Jun 30, 2020

Same issue. Has anyone solved the problem?

Jan 16, 2020

I just installed Horizon Toolbox on v7.4 Connection server but I keep getting this message in the browser:

Some error happens.
This may be caused by session time out or invalid operation.

You can click this button to login again: Login again

Some exception happened. You can check Horizon Toolbox log files, or post a message on https://labs.vmware.com/flings/horizon-toolbox-2

Jan 17, 2020

I was able to get in when I changed the Log-On tab to Interact with desktop

Nov 25, 2019

Hi Team,

When can I expect an update? Tried this on our connection server and it says "7.9.0-13956742 is not a tested server version, please update your Toolbox!"

If it's safe to do so, is there a way to skip this check as a work around?

Dec 02, 2019

You can edit "C:\Program Files\VMware\HorizonToolbox\HorizonToolbox7.8\webapps\toolbox\WEB-INF\spring-servlet.xml" to add Horizon 7.9 (and/or 7.10) to the list of supported versions and then restart Tomcat and it should work until they update it.

I'm currently running it on 7.10 with no apparent issues.