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Aug 07, 2019

when trying either console access or remote assistance, you get an error
remote assistance Create RA ticket failed
console access Failed too many times

Aug 13, 2019

Hi, Roger! I have the same problem.
In my environment Horizon Toobox and VDI machine reside in diffrent VLAN (protecting by corporate firewall).
I don't understand should i open some ports (TCP/135, TCP/3389 UDP/3389 and some other high ports) for communicate RA from connection server.

Aug 13, 2019

But I use not compatible Toolbox 7.8 with 7.9 Connection Server

Aug 07, 2019

Sorry for the inconvenient situations.
For remote assistance, as it has been a part of HelpDesk in Horizon 7, it's more recommended to use this on HelpDesk.
About console access, I'm not sure which browser you're using, but Chrome may meet a reconnection issue indeed. Firefox would be stable with this function, please try it.