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Sep 14, 2021

I'm looking for a tool that would give us reports on pool utilization (peak # users per day) seems reasonable and I dont understand why this is not a tool inside Horizon...
Beside installing vRealize, do you know another tool or a powercli script that would do that ?

Oct 19, 2021

The Horizon Reach Fling has the ability to export peak usage reports

Oct 19, 2021

Yes, exactly what I needed !!


Dec 28, 2020

I have installed v7.8.1 and I am getting an error starting Tomcat. I don't have java installed on my connection server. Is java required for the toolbox? I didn't see any pre-reqs that said anything about a java requirement.

Feb 24, 2021

I having the same issue, do you resolve?

Sep 15, 2020

This tool is under maintenance mode, there is no active plan to get Horizon toolbox support more Horizon version and bug fix. We may think about the possibilities to Opensource'd this Fling.

Sep 15, 2020

Hello Team,
While installing tool version 7.8,1 on connection view server 7.9 i am getting below error.
Server OS version - 2016 standard.
7.0.9 -13956742 is not a tested server version . please update your toolbox!
can you please suggest if we have any latest tool version to solve the above issue.