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version 2.2.5 — April 12, 2021

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This Fling has been integrated, and the functionality is now available in VMware Horizon 8 2106 Enterprise.


VMware Horizon Session Recording allows administrators of a VMware Horizon environment to record their users activity in their Blast Extreme virtual desktop and application sessions. Recordings are uploaded from the agent devices to the central web service, for central storage and ease of viewing.

The Session Recordings are stored as MP4 files for watching via the web console or downloading to play in a local player.

Please note, Version 2.0.8 and higher are not compatible with previous versions, if you are currently using 1.x, you must uninstall and redeploy the agent and webservice.


Download the instructions here


Version 2.2.5

  • Added support for > Horizon 8.1

Version 2.2.0

Server Changes:

  • Added the ability to import server settings easily from another running server.
  • Added the ability to filter searches based on farm / pool.
  • Added the ability to lock and unlock sessions from the session view page.

Agent Changes:

1: Misc bugfixes.
2: PowerShell API to interact with the Recording agent, to perform such tasks as:

  • Start a session recording.
  • Stop a session recording.
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues.
  • View machine configuration
  • Add a trusted certificate.

Version 2.1.50 Update

  • Fixed multiple deadlocks in the agent recording.
  • Added support for Horizon 8 (2006).

Version 2.1 Update

  • Many bugfixes in agent side

Version 2.0.8

Note: Version 2.0.8 is a complete re-write of the whole fling, This fling does not support upgrading, this will require a new deployment, server and agent.

  • The agent is now multi-threaded.
  • The web service is now written in angular.
  • The web service now supports high availability (see documentation).
  • This release will only work with Horizon 7.9 or higher.

Version 1.2.2

  • Added support for horizon 7.8 and above
  • Added support for recording based on group memberships
  • Many bug fixes in agent
  • Bug fixes in server

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