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Horizon Instant Clone Associated VMs

version 1.0 — May 17, 2023

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The Horizon Instant Clone Associated VMs Tool is a simple and powerful utility designed to help administrators manage the internal VMs associated with their Horizon Pools. With this tool, you can easily identify unused VMs and delete them with just a few clicks, saving valuable disk space and improving the overall performance of your virtual environment.


The Horizon Instant Clone Associated VMs Tool comes with several useful features, including:

  1. Report generation: The tool generates a report in the below formats, which shows the association of Instant Clone internal VMs with the Horizon Pools.
    • HTML Report
    • Excel Report (.xlsx format)
  2. Delete unused VMs: The tool allows you to identify and delete unused internal VMs with just a few clicks. This feature can help you free up valuable disk space and reduce the clutter in your virtual environment.
  3. Identify orphaned internal VMs: The tool can also identify orphaned internal VMs
    which are deleted, however, still shows up in the vCenter Server inventory. With just few clicks, you can delete these VMs and improve the overall efficiency of your virtual environment.
  4. Delete internal VMs specified in a text file: The tool also allows you to delete internal VMs that are specified in a text file. This feature is particularly useful when you need to delete a large number of VMs quickly and efficiently.


Ensure that your system meets certain requirements to execute Horizon Instant Clone
Associated VMs Tool.


  • Windows 10 x64 or above, Windows Server 2016 or above.
  • PowerShell Version 5.1
  • VMware PowerCLI Module
  • Tool has been tested on below Horizon Products:
    • VMware Horizon 7.13.x and Horizon 8 2006 and later
    • VMware Horizon 8 2303


See PDF download for instructions.


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