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version — February 22, 2021

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This fling has been deprecated.


The Horizon Helpdesk Utility is designed to be a tool used by real help desk agents. The Horizon Helpdesk Utility takes all of the functionality of the current HTML5 based Helpdesk in VMware Horizon and adds true desktop integration features, including:

  • Greater speed in queries
  • Reduced steps to find a session
  • Multiple monitoring windows
  • Keystrokes for fast access
  • Native remote control functionality
  • Real-time updates
  • Built-in session experience score based on session performance and variables


  • .Net Framework 4.5.2
  • Horizon 7.2.0 or newer
  • A Horizon Enterprise license


  1. Download and launch the setup.exe utility
  2. Launch the Horizon HelpDesk Logon application from the Start menu
  3. Enter a valid url for a VMware Horizon Connection server (e.g. https://connectionserver.dom.local) and your credentials then click "logon"



  • Added support for Horizon 8.1


  • Fixed an intermittent issue with the agent crashed when viewing a pool / session.
  • Version

    • Added Named user support in the views
    • Added support for VM image details
    • Added Global search on the overview
    • Added an option to deactivate the global mutex
    • Fixed numerous bugs


    • Updated all binaries to be signed
    • Added full name support for search results
    • Added image status and details for machines view
    • Added a privacy setting to remove the windows title caption
    • Many Bug Fixes


    • No longer requires a helpdesk license! Yay! 
    • Added the ability to interact with vCenter machines 
    • Added the ability to open vCenter VM consoles 
    • Added the ability to perform bulk machine actions 
    • Added the ability to perform refresh / recompose tasks directly from helpdesk. 
    • Fixed performance issues with multiple windows open (see single instance). 
    • Fixed a crash when logon durations could not be accessed. 
    • Added polling to allow logon durations to be received if notavailable when the session page is requested. 
    • Fixed a crash in the ending of processes. 
    • Fixed a metric ton of bugs with delegated administration. 
    • Fixed a memory leak in the tray icon menu, of all places. 
    • Removed the logon page graphic as it was to much of a pain to change it’s colour when changing themes 
    • Fixed some layout issues when changing themes. 
    • Removed empty sites from the viewon the change pod tray menu. 
    • Added preliminary support for Horizon 7.9.


    • Removed machine listings from session view (overkill)
    • Improved Environment view to include metrics on all connected infrastructure:
      • vSphere 
      • Hosts 
      • Datastores 
      • Remote Pods 
      • Events 
      • Problem Machines 
    • Added repeated queries for logon breakdown if missed on first instance
    • Added event query support for logon breakdown 
    • Added events view for Farm and Desktop pools 
    • Added inbuilt find / search to users / machines in pool views 
    • Added support for multiselect in pool / farm views
    • Added graph / chart views of machines / sessions and problem machines on the environment overview
    • Added a pod switcher to the environment overview
    • Added a global search to the environment overview
    • Added support for Pod Jumping. 
      • the ability to jump to a pod on demand
      • the ability to jump to a pod a session belongs to
    • Added support for an architecture view of Desktop Pools
    • Added support for an architecture view of Farms
      • Enhanced view of servers load evaluator value
    • Added bulk user tasks via pool or farm views: 
      • Bulk messaging 
      • Bulk log off 
      • Bulk disconnect 
      • Bulk reset 
      • Bulk restart 
    • Added support for a local pod view (AKA environment view): 
      • Connection servers
      • Farms 
      • Desktop pools 
    • Added documentation (finally)
    • Added MSI installation support
    • Added a start time column to user sessions (this will persist as a preference)

    Version 1.2.1

    • Added better logging for troubleshooting
    • Added support for newer Helpdesk features:
      • Client version
      • Idle time etc.
    • Bug fixes for licensing checks in 7.2 version of horizon
    • Fixed a timing issue in the graphs causing a closing issue
    • Increased pod searching by 30 seconds to 2 seconds fixed indentation issues in config files

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