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Horizon Event Notifier

version 1.5 — June 01, 2021

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Release Date: April 14, 2014


This tool connects to one or more existing Horizon View Event Database(s) and allows the user to customize which types of alerts to be notified on. It can be run from any Windows based system and it collects and sends the alerts via email (SMTP) to users that are specified during the configuration process. It allows aggregation of alerts across multiple Horizon View Pods and for near real-time alerting of Horizon View alerts that are otherwise very difficult to be notified on.


Pro-active alerting on Horizon View events via SMTP directly from the one or more Horizon View Event database(s).


A Windows-based system with Microsoft .NET 3.5, a Horizon View 5.0 or later infrastructure with a pre-configured Horizon View Event DB, an SMTP server that allows message relay, and a SQL Login to the Horizon View Events DB with at least DataReader Permission. Read-Write access to the "Horizon_View_Event_Notifier.exe.config" file is also required.

  1. Copy the "Horizon_View_Event_Notifier.exe" and "Horizon_View_Event_Notifier.exe.config" files to the same directory on the local system. The user must be able to write to the "Horizon_View_Event_Notifier.exe.config" file.
  2. Launch the Horizon_View_Event_Notifier.exe file and go to the "Settings" tab.
  3. In the "SQL Server Settings" section, fill in information on one or more Horizon View Events Databases and click "Add SQL Server". If the "Test DB connection on update?" option is selected the DB connection will be tested automatically. Otherwise, manually test the connection by clicking the "Test Connection" button. Repeat for additional View Event Databases.
  4. In the "Horizon View Events" section, select which severity types you would like to be alerted on and how far back the application should poll each time it queries for events. Click "Save Changes" to save these settings to the configuration file.
  5. In the "SMTP Server Settings" section enter the name or IP or an SMTP server that allows relay, along with the port it uses. Enter an email address that you would like to receive the alerts from and one or more email addresses for the alert recipients, separated with a comma. Click the "Send Test Email" button to verify the SMTP server settings.
  6. If desired the interval at which the application polls the SQL server can be modified from the default of 60 seconds.
  7. Click back on the "Horizon View Events" tab and click the "Start" button at the bottom of the form--this will start the application.
  8. The application can be minimized to the system tray where it will continue to run. The icon in the system tray can be double-clicked or right clicked to restore the form.
  9. The application can be stopped by clicking the "Stop" button when the application is running.

Version 1.5

  • Changed Fling name from Horizon View Event Notifier to Horizon Event Notifier
  • Changed Icon
  • Alerts will now show in the UI and alert emails in the local time zone where the application is run from.
  • Tested on Horizon 2103