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Nov 08, 2020


We are planning to run some benchmarking test on VMware tanzu containers, Does HCIBench currently support running on containers? if not, do you have any recommendations?


Nov 09, 2020

Hi Team,

Any update on this?

Nov 09, 2020

Currently HCIBench does not support container based testing. I haven't done any testing in this area so I can't make any recommendations. There are third party articles that may shed some light on the topic. Searching for "benchmark kubernetes storage" has a few promising leads.

Oct 26, 2020

Hi, guys.
There is one question,
''The VDBENCH Zip File is NOT Valid, Please Replace the vdbench zip file in /opt/output/vdbench-source and Make sure it's the only file in this directory! ''
But i have uploaded the vdbench zip.
"root@photon-HCIBench [ /opt/output/vdbench-source ]# ls"
Can you help me? thanks。The HCIBench version: v2.5.0

Oct 26, 2020

Have you unzipped the vdbench zip and zip it back again? We need the vdbench zip to get uploaded directly after downloaded from oracle website w/o unzip and zip it back again.

sometimes the mac users would experience this issue if the pkg was re-zipped by themselves.

try download it again from Oracle website and replace the current zip there.

Oct 26, 2020

Solved it, thank you

Oct 23, 2020


For non-vSAN testers(Your cluster does NOT have vSAN enabled), you may encounter issues while running testing with HCIBench 2.5, to work it around

1. SSH into HCIBench
2. Edit file /opt/automation/lib/rvc-util.rb
3. On line #319, replace the following two lines

$vsandatastore_in_cluster = eval(cmd_run)
return $vsandatastore_in_cluster


$vsandatastore_in_cluster = eval(cmd_run)
rescue StandardError => e
p e.to_s
return $vsandatastore_in_cluster


Oct 23, 2020

We have an issue with performance tests not being executed.
vCenter 7.0.1 with 8 hosts on 7.0.1 as well. 18 datastores on iSER connectivity.
Config validation is successful but it immediately states "Test Completed". However, no test was actually run.
I have not found any errors in the logs.

We initially started with 72 VMs on the 18 datastores, but scaled down to 1 VM on 1 host and 1 datastore. But same result unfortunately.

Any ideas?

Nov 14, 2020

found a workaround? can see the same.

Nov 14, 2020

Yeah, see the above post from Chen Wei on Oct. 23, regarding non-vSAN testers. It worked as a charm :)

Oct 23, 2020
Oct 23, 2020

Sorry forgot - running HCIBench 2.5.0