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Jun 10, 2021

I had deployed the OVA 2.5.3, i used the port :8443 and i am unable to launch the web client. I can see the index in the web without port 8443. Could you please let me know if the port number is different to launch the web.

Jun 07, 2021

getting this message after validating parameters for test.

"Network traffic to HCIBench:2003 is blocked, you can still run the testing, but Grafana live monitoring will not work"

Jun 17, 2021

please check your network firewall, this usually means this port is blocked but needed by HCIBench for grafana, it's ok not having it, but its good to have.

May 20, 2021

I have deploy HCI on VxRail cluster, i try validate config and lost control og HCIBench, after reboot and retry i have this message :
2021-05-20 16:28:34 +0000: Validating Vdbench binary and the workload profiles...
/opt/automation/lib/validate_subnets.rb:15:in `ipv4_conflict?': undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
from /opt/automation/lib/pre-validation.rb:65:in `validate_subnets'
from /opt/automation/lib/pre-validation.rb:627:in `

I have try many subnet for VM

May 20, 2021
May 20, 2021

Version is 2.5.3
I send now folder logs.

Apr 30, 2021

I'm working with a customer wanting to use HCIBench to benchmark their vSphere's storage environment and unfortunately they are using the 172.17 IP space within their lab. I've noticed that the appliance comes up with a docker network of which is causing the appliance to basically become unresponsive on the network once docker is up and running.

Is there an easy way to change the backend docker network and restart the containers?

Apr 30, 2021

Yes, moderately easy. Please reach out to use if you hit a snag (

Here is the procedure.

1. SSH into HCIBench, and create file by: vi /etc/docker/daemon.json

2. Add lines to the file and save it ( here we change the docker host ip to (please make sure not using 192.168 for guest vms ip prefix in my case)

3. Run the command "systemctl restart docker"

4. Change data source in grafana:
go to http://HCIBench_IP:3000/datasources (user: admin pass: vmware), edit both graphite and influxdb by changing the IP from to, save and test the datasource, then you should be good.

May 06, 2021

Is it possible to pre-configure the vSphere Environment Information on the HCIBench configuration page? I would assume that there would be a location within say /opt/.... of the appliance that I could load a text configuration file so that I could have certain values pre-populated when attempting to use the appliance across different deployments?

May 07, 2021

Yes, the main files that you want are in '/opt/automation/conf'. This will cover the vCenter and test configuration information.

You will also need the test profiles from '/opt/automation/vdbench-param-files' and/or '/opt/automation/fio-param-files'

May 04, 2021

Worked perfectly thanks Charles!