Apr 07, 2021

Greetings to all,

We have a problem with HCIBench - or more accurately my companys security scanning software has a problem with it. We are using the latest version and it is running Apache Tomcat Version 8.5.4. However our scanners dont like that and want version (released last year).

My question(s)

Can we update the Apache Version within the appliance? We tried but it failed for reasons that are unclear (I am not a linux specialist!)
Will there be a release of HCIBench soon that will contain Apache Tomcat of later?
How often are new versions released?

Thank you,

Apr 14, 2021

Solution: Firewall was blocking port 443 from generated VMs and HCIBench VM to ESXi hosts.

Apr 07, 2021

lemme find a way to help you upgrade Tomcat to And ill put it into next release too, but it would be in another month.

Apr 08, 2021

If you can find a way to upgrade that would be brilliant!

Mar 08, 2021

Hi team,

first of all let me say thank you for such cool tool, it's pretty easy to deploy and to configure.

May I ask for some additional functions?

1.) Looks like the upgrade.sh script doesn't work when I used it to update from 2.5.2.to 2.5.3.
When I check the GitHub the script posted there doesn't be aware of the new release.

2.) I would like to have the ability to configure fio to use I/O latency settings like "latency_target", "latency_window" and "latency_percentage".
This would allow us to check how many IOPS a vSAN Cluster could process while maintaining a latency below "latency_target".

Would be really cool to get those function implemented in a future release.

Kind regards,

Mar 09, 2021

Hi Ralf,

Appreciate your comments!
1.) since we tried best to keep the code on github to be the most recent, we always update the code there first then publish a new ova here, in this case, even the README on github not explicitly saying this is code of 2.5.3, but it should be the most recent ones.
2.) we allow user to upload the customized param file to hcibench, the downside of using latency_target is some vms may finish earlier and some vms may finish later, how we should summarize the results would become the challenges for us, i understand i/o perf distribution across the timeline would be way better presenting the perf than a single avg number, but it could be hard for some of the user to understand that. we talked about this particular param profile in the past vmworld session: https://www.vmworld.com/en/video-library/video-landing.html?sessionid=1586804181620001sFzb


Feb 25, 2021


with older HCIBench versions (2.2.*) I never had problems. But with the 2.5.3 version the "Validation" and "Test Run" does nothing. No VM will be deployed. After some time the "Test run" dialog closed with message "* finished" but there was nothing... I redeploy the HCIBench Appliance but with the same behavior. If i deploy an old 2.2.1 version all runs fine. But I need to change the CPU number...

Has anybody an idea?

best regards,

Feb 25, 2021
Jan 28, 2021

Running FIO testing on graphs can see information on iops / throughput etc on FIO single stats but getting following error Data outside time range on all charts on fio stats

Jan 28, 2021

also seeing the following issue in validation

1 VMs will be deployed onto host podt-intel02.podt.spoc, each VM has 2 vCPU configured, in this case, the CPU resource of podt-intel02.podt.spoc would be oversubscribed.
2021-01-28 16:19:52 +0000: You can reduce number of vCPU per guest VM or reduce number of VMs

Jan 28, 2021

this just an FYI so you can ignore it.
for the grafana, you may want to adjust the time on the browser.

Jan 29, 2021

Thanks Chen Wei i will try your suggestion