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Comment thread started by TristanK on HCIBench

Jul 06, 2021


First of all, thanks for this fling, it's very useful and user friendly !

I used version 2.6.0 using easymode with FIO and looking at the graphs, I can see that each run as a duration of 1h30m.
If I understood well the FIO conf, we have 30 minutes of ramp up, and then 1h of benchmarch with logging. Looking at the FIO manual, it states that rampup_time is : "fio will run the specified workload for this amount of time before logging any performance numbers."

What I don't understand then is why latencies are increasing a lot when the rampup_time is over. If it's just logging of the performance numbers, it shouldn't have a huge impact on the bench ?

Thanks in advance for your input


Jul 07, 2021

fio doesn't report the latency when doing the ramp up, it would only report that during the testing phase.