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Comment thread started by Zaigui Wang on HCIBench

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Apr 22, 2021

I was not able to run a test while putting a host into maintenance mode. Config validation fails with this message: "host xxx is in maintenance mode. Please exit maintenance mode and try again!" If I disregard that warning and proceed to test, the test fails with this:

2021-04-23 03:26:47 +0000: Checking Existing VMs...
2021-04-23 03:26:48 +0000: Deployment Started.
2021-04-23 03:27:03 +0000: [ERROR] VM Deployment Failed...

Is there a reason why we don't allow benchmark test with host in maintenance mode? I am trying to test the "worst-case" scenario performance, for example, when we lose a host in a cluster, due to hardware failure, scheduled maintenance, etc.