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Comment thread started by Nelson F. on HCIBench

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Mar 09, 2020


We have seen some weird behavior when running HCI bench + vdbench.
To describe the situation:
We deploy 8 VMs in total , 2 per host. On the vdbench stats we can see that 6 out of 8 VMs are doing 99% of the IO. 2 VMs are running at very low load.
Checked the logs and stats of those 2 VMs and no errors. Java process is running on those 2 VMs.
This has been reproduced by us and some of our customers on vSAN and non-vSAN storages.
Some of our customers are pointing this issue being related with vSAN but I am seeing the same when using other storage.

Are you aware or does anyone reported something like this to you ?

Thanks !

Mar 09, 2020

I haven't heard anything like this reported.

1. What version of vdbench are you running?
2. Can you run a similar test using FIO, and does it produce the same pattern?

Also can you email us the log files (/opt/automation/logs) at

Mar 24, 2020


We are using the latest vdbench version 50407.
I also sent the log files by email, could you just confirm you received them ?

Thank you