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Aug 03, 2022

Do we have product profile support in the making? Frontline customer would really benefit from migrating Product, File/Action and Profiles this way.

Mar 10, 2022

If we had two AD domains in our company, and two separate email suffixes for each. Both use Boxer and SEG. Parent company under an OG below Global. The second company domain/email in a sub OG under that with the directory services override and set to the second group's info. If they were merging, so they will now use an identical version of their username in the parent companies AD, and their email will need to change to the new company exchange as well, can Forklift do anything in this case?

Mar 03, 2022

trying to connect to a new environment. But are getting "Error: unable to verify the first certificate" in the server log. But the certificate is public trusted and I can connect to a environment that have certificate from the same certificate authority. Any ideas of what is wrong?

Jan 21, 2022

I know apps have to be uploaded to the new environment while forklift can move its configuration but, is there anyway to download apps from old environment to upload to the new one? I mean not using forklift but in any other way?