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Jan 27, 2023

Hi there,

it would be very helpful to implement the option to add certificates to the certificate stores within the GUI to provide secured trusted connections. Any ideas on that?

Thank you and best regards

Aug 03, 2022

Do we have product profile support in the making? Frontline customer would really benefit from migrating Product, File/Action and Profiles this way.

Mar 10, 2022

If we had two AD domains in our company, and two separate email suffixes for each. Both use Boxer and SEG. Parent company under an OG below Global. The second company domain/email in a sub OG under that with the directory services override and set to the second group's info. If they were merging, so they will now use an identical version of their username in the parent companies AD, and their email will need to change to the new company exchange as well, can Forklift do anything in this case?

Mar 03, 2022

trying to connect to a new environment. But are getting "Error: unable to verify the first certificate" in the server log. But the certificate is public trusted and I can connect to a environment that have certificate from the same certificate authority. Any ideas of what is wrong?

Jan 27, 2023

Also facing a problem like this. Did you found a solution for that? BR

Jan 29, 2023

Yes, I think that I solved the issue. I can’t really remember what were wrong though. But when searching thru my internal history I found that we had some issues with certificate chains on CS, DS, API servers. We also had some issues incorrect time configurations (a couple of minutes mismatch on some servers)

Jan 30, 2023

Hi noordan,
Many thanks for your reply.
Yes, we've also identified some issues related to the certificates we're using on our servers.
It seems to be that self-signed certificates will not be trusted at all. Is it possible you check how you solved that problem in the past?
In the meantime I've tried to use a load balancer between the Forklift client and our server to provide the complete certificate chain - but it doesn't work. Maybe we need to store more WS1 specific certificates inside the containers trust store? BR