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The functionality of this Fling is now officially available in vSphere 6.7 & 8.0!
Feb 10, 2021

I tried to use this fling for setting up CARP interfaces (which is used in *BSD, the OS for pfSense). For CARP to function properly you also have to put your NIC in a promisc port group. This resulted in huge CPU spikes and network trraffc on the VM hosting pfSense. But this fling didn't help. Does anyone know if this fling should fix my problem (CARP is a slightly different protocol than VRRP, the latest works fine, but only for *Ux, not BD)...

Or does someone know an alternative, besides setting up physical boxes and maybe even seperate switches...? Any help/advise/comment highly appreciated.


Jun 22, 2018

Is there any possibility a version of this will be released that works with ESXi 6.7?

For many people, the "Enterprise Plus" license cost to be able to run the "Learnswitch" alternative to this is not an option.

Mar 21, 2019

I'd like to second the request for a rebuilt binary for 6.7.
Even where I do have the license for creating distributed Switch, I prefer sometimes the standard vSwitch. And: vSwitch without "dvfilter-maclearn" is more like a vHub ;-)
I need to downgrade to 6.5 for several virtual appliances, utilizing bridges inside the VM and at least with 6.7, I suffer prom massive packet loss in these appliances due to the non-switching default behaviour of the vSwitch with VGT (VLAN id 4095) :-(
Either "Learnswith" handles also standard vSwitch, or "dvfilter-maclearn" needs a rebuild for vmkapi.2.5. What I don't really understand is why "Load of <dvfilter-maclearn> failed : missing required namespace <com.vmware.vmkapi.incompat#v2_4_0_0>" happens at all; there's "vmkapi_v2_4_0_0_dvfilter_shim"... But I'm missing vmware and Linux details
Hope someone with access to the source code will generously run a 6.7 build and make it available here! As far as I could get, I see no way to run the 6.5 binary on 6.7 :-(
Thanks in advance,

Jan 06, 2018

Is there a way to manually clean the MAC table of a particular port? we have quite high churn on our nested hosts

Mar 17, 2017

Great Fling guys!

I get the method of adding this to an individual ESXi host via PowerCLI.

But is there a method of adding the VIB to a Update Manager Baseline?


Mar 20, 2017

Unfortunately that does not seem to work for Update Manager as the VIB does not contain a signature.
And in Update Manager we cannot parse the --nosigcheck parameter.
Back to PowerCLI then...