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ESXi Embedded Host Client

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#134 iSCSI port binding

  • Anonymous • Dec 13, 2016

    I want to have redundant uplinks on a vswitch that is used for iSCSI. However when I create the port groups I can not override the nic teaming failover order to set all except one uplink nic to UNUSED. Only active and standby is available not unused. This causes any attempt to configure iSCSI to fail with the error: "Failed - The VMkernel virtual NIC adapter vmk1 has multiple physical uplinks."

  • Anonymous • Dec 13, 2016

    The was encountered on 6.5 ga of ESXi

  • Anonymous • Dec 19, 2016

    I have been trying to do exactly the same thing. Can't find any way around this at present.
    I am in a catch-22 because I am using Host Client to install HP StoreVirtual VSA prior to creating any other VMs (such as vCenter Server Appliance)...
    Looks like I will have to do a temporary install of the vCSA VM to a local storage location then move it to the VSA storage after...

  • Anonymous • Jan 01, 2017

    I ran into same issue. I attempted to do this via ESXCLI however the unused command is not there either.

    esxcli network vswitch standard portgroup policy failover set

    Configure the list of active adapters and their
    failover order. This list must be a comma seperated
    list of values with the uplink name and no spaces.
    Example: --active-uplinks=vmnic0,vmnic3,vmnic7,vmnic1
    -b|--failback Configure whether a NIC will be used immediately when
    it comes back in service after a failover
    Set the method of determining how a network outage is
    beacon: Detect failures based on active beaconing
    to the vswitch
    link: Detect failures based on the NIC link state
    Set the load balancing policy for this policy. This
    can be one of the following options:
    explicit: Always use the highest order uplink from
    the list of active adapters which pass failover
    iphash: Route based on hashing the src and
    destination IP addresses
    mac: Route based on the MAC address of the packet
    portid: Route based on the originating virtual
    port ID.
    -n|--notify-switches Indicate whether to send a notification to physical
    switches on failover
    The name of the port group to set failover policy for.
    Configure the list of standby adapters and their
    failover order. This list must be a comma seperated
    list of values with the uplink name and no spaces.
    Example: --standby-
    -u|--use-vswitch Reset all values for this policy to use parent virtual
    switch's settings instead of overriding the settings
    for the port group. Using this in conjunction with
    other settings will first reset all of the fields to
    use the virtual switch setting and then apply the
    other options after the reset.

  • Anonymous • Jan 02, 2017

    After playing around in ESXCLI I found a workaround. I wrote a quick blog post about here: