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#55 VMRC 8.1.0: Console crashes when removing and re-adding ISO image

  • Anonymous • Jul 31, 2016

    Foreword: Haven't found a place that fits VMRC, so if it does not fit here then maybe you can guide me to the correct place to report that bug.

    When removing and re-adding an ISO image then a runtime error occurs every second, and when you click "Ok" the console crashes. Fortunately the other consoles are not crashing.
    Message windows title is "MS Visual C++ Runtime Library" with message "Runtime error! Program: C... R6025 - pure virtual function call"

    See also forum thread for screenshot

  • Etienne Le Sueur • Aug 04, 2016

    Thanks for reporting this. I have passed it along to the VMRC team.

  • Anonymous • Sep 28, 2016

    Seems to be fixed with VMRC 9.0.0

  • Etienne Le Sueur • Sep 28, 2016

    Great, thanks for confirming!