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Apr 20, 2022

Hi there,
Please excuse me ignorance as I don't come from a command line background.. I have been given the task to upgrade approx 100 Vmware 6.5 server to 7.0u3. these is across various tech stakes including Dell/Cisco and HP. and various models. naturally i need to do a hw compatibility check and i stumbled across this which looks like it will do the job, however i'm uncertain as to what / where i download the last two components from and or it there an alternative solution that i can do hardware checks ?


Apr 21, 2022

Hi Joe,

You can install those libraries using pip

>python -m pip install crypto
>python -m pip install pyopenssl

Please refer to the following video for installing the python and required libs:

Recently, I have released a UI compatibility validation tool:
Please check it out too, however you will still need to use python to collect your hardware data. You can import the collected hardware data in the tool and check the compatibility status from UI

Please feel free to contact me if you have any issues.