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End User Computing - Diagnostic Tool

version 1.0.0 — November 28, 2022

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End User Computing - Diagnostic Tool (EDT) is a Windows application that provides real-time diagnostic data to assess environment and infrastructure health as well as assisting in troubleshooting practices and helping to remediate common issues for VMware's EUC products. EDT currently supports Workspace ONE UEM. EDT leverages SQL and Powershell executed through Python to gather infrastructure and product configuration details, and performs Pass/Fail checks against the product to help identify common issues.

EDT also provides additional diagnostic information as a report with a view to aid troubleshooting efforts. Additionally, users are directed to a centralized KB (KB 88683) which provides usage guidance and steps for self-service remediation. The intention of EDT is to enable customers and support engineers to be directed to pre-defined knowledge base articles for issues identified and promote self help during troubleshooting. EDT also builds an environment profile that can be delivered to Global Support in order to minimize back and forth interactions while obtaining common environmental information, and reducing time to resolution.


End User Computing - Diagnostic Tool currently supports:

  • Workspace ONE UEM and can be run on servers hosting one or more of the following components:
    • WorkspaceOne UEM Console
    • WorkspaceOne UEM Device Services
    • WorkspaceOne UEM API
    • WorkspaceOne UEM ACC
    • WorkspaceOne UEM AWCM

Any combination of components are supported. Components above have prerequisite of Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, or Windows Server 2019.


Initial Setup
Extract the zip file and run the Edt executable installer.
By default, EDT will install to C:\Program Files\Edt.
Once installed, run the application and it will present the main window.

Main EDT window
On the main window we can see various options.

Health check
• Run various check scripts against Workspace One UEM server, results are provided as pass or fail.
Additional Info
• Run various scripts against Workspace One UEM server, are not provided as pass or fail but are informational only.
OP2S Migration
• Here we run checks that are used in preparation for On-premise to Saas migrations, used during migration projects.

In selecting any of the above options a child window opens and executes the script set.
Results are accessible from the child window by either selecting:
1. Open Results – Opens result in local browser in html.
2. Save – Here we can save the result in csv format to any location.

Environment Profile
• Opens general information collected during startup in browser.
• Example – Device totals, Site Urls and Upgrade history.
Environment profile data can be saved to csv using the Save Profile button.
Upon exiting EDT will save all reported info to the Workspace One logs directory.

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