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Apr 22, 2022

I am getting the EXCEPTION-def validateConnection-provide cert thumbprint error... I have replaced the SSL cert with one from our local CA and have put in the thumbprint but still get this error. I wonder if it could be because the appliance doesn't know our CA root cer... Can that be added?

Apr 22, 2022

I just re-checked my cert and it has the root with it. It is a .pfx cert... The Uag is good with the cert... Not sure where to go now on this...

Apr 22, 2022

I guess no one is supporting this fling any longer... Too Bad... I have done everything in the directions and it will not work... I get the same exception....

Apr 22, 2022

The problem was related to the cert... I had to run this command to get the right thumbprint... It would have been nice if this was in the docs...

openssl s_client -connect | openssl x509 -fingerprint -noout -sha256

Dec 06, 2021

Hi there,

I am running 2012 and the ESO is stuck in the INIT status

No data

Dec 22, 2021

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. ESO has been tested to work with UAG 2012, can you please share the following info to so we can review?

1. Logs (/root/manager/log/exporter.log),
2. API Response XML for https://{ uaghostname or IP}:9443/rest/v1/monitor/stats
3. screenshots from Grafana

Nov 22, 2021

Hi there, We have UAG 21.06 but the OVA file that was provided is not compatible with our vsphere version which is Is it possible to get a ESO OVA file supporting our vsphere.

Oct 19, 2021

We upgraded our UAG devices to 21.06 and now all the devices are paused with error 307 - anything running 20.12 is still polling as expected. Any way to get this to poll again with 21.06?

Dec 22, 2021

Thank you for your patience, I validated ESO with a test UAG running v 21.06.2 and it is polling the metrics as expected, so there should not be any issue with ESO polling and displaying data from a 2106 UAG. Upon reviewing the logs, I could see '401 Unauthorized' errors, so can you try to edit and re-save the credentials for connecting to the UAG on the ESO Admin Portal? Please let us know if the issue persists.

Oct 29, 2021