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fling logo of Edge Services Observability

Edge Services Observability

version 0.1.0 — July 02, 2021


Edge Services Observability is a tool used to monitor Edge Services running on Unified Access Gateways. We’ve provided readily available dashboards to help you easily understand...

  • Performance based on utilization
  • Distribution of Traffic
  • Device Traffic Rules impact
  • Ready to deploy virtual appliance (OVA)
  • Web Portal for managing the list of UAGs to be monitored
  • Dashboards for visualizing metrics from VMware Tunnel and VMware Horizon
  • Ability to configure alerts based on conditions to get notified and detect anomalies
Note: Please refer to this blog for detailed deployment instructions, FAQs, tips and tricks.


  • 2 vCPU and4GB of memory for Edge Services Observability Appliance
  • vCenter Server 6.x or greater


Detailed Instructions and FAQs can be found in this blog

  • Download the OVA file
  • Use vCenter to “Deploy OVF Template”
  • Customize the following properties as required:
    • Network Properties
    • Password for logging into the Appliance Operating System (SSH/ vCenter Console)
    • Password for accessing Admin Portal and Dashboards Page
    • SSH Access
    • Debug Logging for appliance deployment
  • Once the appliance is deployed and powered on, launch a web browser to access Admin Portal by navigating to the FQDN (over HTTPS) of the appliance
  • Log in with the password configured during the deployment of the appliance (Username is “admin”)
  • The “Home Page” provides an overview and links to configure UAG list and access Dashboards
  • Navigate to the “UAGs” tab or select “Manage UAGs” link to configure the list of UAGs to be monitored
  • Add the UAGs that need to be monitored using the “Add UAG” button
  • The following information is required when adding a UAG:
    • Hostname or IP
    • Friendly Name (This name will be used in the dashboard as the legend for the UAG in the widget chart)
    • Admin Username (UAG Admin username)
    • Password (UAG Admin password)
    • Certificate Thumbprint of UAG Admin Portal (served at port 9443 of UAG)
    • Deployment Type (Prod / UAT / Dev)
  • Click 'Save'
  • Once saved, click on “View Dashboards” link on the top right of the "UAGs" page to access the Dashboards
  • Login with the password configured during the deployment of the appliance to view the dashboards (Username is “admin”)
Note: The sample dashboards provided, contain panels (widgets) for visualizing curated metrics from VMware Tunnel and VMware Horizon Edge Services. However, as an administrator, you have the option to configure any of the additionally available metrics as widgets for the existing dashboards, as well as build new dashboards for other Edge Services as needed. Please refer to the “Tips & Tricks” section of the blog for steps to configure additional metrics in Dashboard as a widget/panel.

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