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fling logo of Druid 4G-5G core deployment automation on vSphere

Druid 4G-5G core deployment automation on vSphere

version 1.0 — April 04, 2022

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Druid Software is a 4G/5G core network functions provider. Deployment of Druid Software 4G/5G network functions on VMware ECS (Edge Computing Stack) requires vm creation, network interface provisioning, and Druid Software shell script execution in the vm. Currently, manual steps are followed to deploy Druid Software Packet Core (4G/5G packet core vendor) network functions on VMware infrastructure. This script is written to automate the deployment. Download terraform script to automate Druid Software 4G/5G core VNFs deployment VMware stack using terraform.


  1. VMware: vSphere - 7.x
  2. Druid (4G/5G packet core vendor):
  3. CentOS7 based VM template


The script can be run from any machine that will have connectivity to the vCenter/Host
  • Downloads terraform 7+ version, if not already there
  • Keep,, and terraform.tfvars in a directory with the druid installation shell script procure druid installation shell script from Druid Software
  • terraform.tfvars to be edited for environment specific data values for vCenter, network, ESXi
  • Run “terraform init” for providers plug-ins creation; this needed to be run once in this directory
  • Run “terraform plan”, just to see the execution plan and any initial error
  • Run “terraform apply” that may take 4 -7 minutes to complete the Druid 4G/5G core deployment
  • verify druid deployment in vCenter

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