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DRS Dump Insight

DRS Dump Insight is a service portal where users can upload drmdump files and it provides a summary of the DRS run, with a breakup of all the possible moves along with the changes in ESX hosts resource consumption before and after DRS run.

Users can get answers to questions like:

  • Why did DRS make a certain recommendation?
  • Why is DRS not making any recommendations to balance my cluster?
  • What recommendations did DRS drop due to cost/benefit analysis?
  • Can I get all the recommendations made by DRS?

Once the drmdump files are uploaded, the portal provides a vMotion timeline based on the files uploaded, users can navigate through multiple dump analysis with individual summary (for each drmdump file) of all the possible vMotion choices DRS went through before coming up with the final recommendations. An example summary can be seen in the image below (Figure 1).

Users can get more information about the different types of moves considered, by clicking on the “Show” link next to the type of move that they’re interested in. An example is shown in Figure 2. 

The portal also enables users to do What-If analysis on their DRS clusters with options like:

  • Changing DRS Migration Threshold
  • Dropping affinity/anti-affinity rules in the cluster
  • Changing DRS advanced options

Figure 3 & 4 are sample screen shots showing What-If? analysis with migration threshold changed from 2 to 5

  • Supports drmdump files from vCenter versions 6.0 and above
  • The recommended browser is Google Chrome


  1. Upload a folder of dumps
    • Folder must contain unzipped dump files
    • Do not modify dump names or format else it will throw an error
  2. Select the appropriate vCenter version and click upload
    • Each point on timeline represents a dump, clicking on a point shows the respective dump summary
    • Users can zoom( mouse scroll ), pan( mouse drag ) and reset( mouse right click ) the timeline view.
  3. To export multiple dump analysis as pdf, select all the points corresponding to the dumps on the timeline( In the export pdf dialog ) and export

Version 1.1

  • Users can now upload multiple dumps as a folder.
  • Creates a vMotion timeline based on the dumps uploaded, users can navigate through multiple dump analysis.
  • Users can export multiple dump analysis as a PDF at once.
  • Added support to 65u2, 65u3 and 67u3 dumps.
  • Bug fixes and backend improvements