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Download and Install ESXi Host Client on all hosts in vCenter

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This sample script will download the latest ESXi Host Client from the VMware Labs site and install on all hosts in vCenter, just change the vCenter name and credentials and make sure you have internet access.


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Mar 03, 2010
fling logo of VGC


version 1.1.0

VMware Guest Console (VGC) is an application to manage the Guest Operating Systems installed on a VM. VGC includes a Unified Task Manager, Guest file system explorer, Snapshot Manager and a VM Manager. VGC is supported with vmware server and desktop products like vSphere, Server 2.0 and Workstation and can connect to multiple hosts simultaneously.

May 20, 2022
fling logo of SDDC Import/Export for VMware Cloud on AWS

SDDC Import/Export for VMware Cloud on AWS

version 1.7.0

The SDDC Import/Export for VMware Cloud on AWS tool enables you to save and restore their VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) configuration.

Feb 11, 2021
fling logo of Code Stream Concourse Integrator

Code Stream Concourse Integrator

version 1.0

The Code Stream Concourse Integrator (CSCI) Fling provides integration between a vRealize Automation Code Stream and Concourse CI tools with which users can trigger Concourse CI pipelines from Code Stream pipelines without any additional tooling/scripting.

Feb 22, 2021
fling logo of Horizon Reach

Horizon Reach


Horizon Reach aims to resolve this disconnect between Cloud pods and distinct environments by discovering, monitoring and alerting on issues across your entire Horizon estate from a single UI. Horizon Reach gives alerts, usage reports, insights, etc. in a web console.

Jan 19, 2012
fling logo of InventorySnapshot


version 1.1

InventorySnapshot allows a user to "snapshot" a given vCenter inventory configuration and then reproduce it.

Jun 16, 2020
fling logo of Unified Access Gateway Deployment Utility

Unified Access Gateway Deployment Utility

version 1.1.0

This utility provides better user interface, which is self explanatory about the next steps and better error handling through useful messages & tool tips which will make it easier for an admin to deploy single or multiple appliances.

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