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Desktop Watermark

version v1.2 - Build 20200713-signed — July 17, 2020

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Release Date: August 29, 2017

This Fling has been integrated into the Horizon product! Please see Configuring a Digital Watermark for more information.

Desktop Watermark is a Windows native application that adds a watermark to a desktop for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) auditing or exhibition purposes. A watermark has the ability to be visible or invisible. Invisible watermarks, seen in the screenshot, can be revealed by a tool bundled in the Fling. The tool should be configured by an administrator and enforced on the end user's desktop.

Visible Watermark
  •  Horizon Client and/or Horizon View Agent 
  •  Administrator privileges
  •  .NET framework 4.5/4

This is a standalone Windows native application and standard MSI installer provided.

For VDI scenario: Domain Administrator install/configure the Desktop Watermark application in the VM template, and then refresh the pool.

Using Invisible Watermark:

  1. Check "Invisible Watermark" checkbox when you do the configuration using Desktop Watermark Configuration tool
  2. Screenshot with invisible watermark can be revealed using bundled tool "Reveal.exe" in installed directory of the program

For more information, see VMware Desktop Watermark Guide-v4.pdf

Invisible Watermark

Invisible Watermark Revealed

v1.2 - Build 20200713-signed Version Update

  • Added support for multiple displays.

v1.1 - Build 20200302-signed

  • Added a new attribute %DATETIME% to show hour and minute info on screen.

v1.0 - Build 20190724-signed

  • Turns a watermark preview application (Reveal.exe) into a standalone native version

Build 20180510

  • Added support for multiple monitors.

Build 1127

  • This build is signed now.


  • Password protection for the configuration & uninstllation

Build 1027


  • Password protection for the configuration & uninstllation

Build 1019

Issue Fixes

  • Windows 10 - Installation failure on some machine with domain account
  • Issue fix - Windows 10 - During uninstallation the service is not automatically stopped
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