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Apr 21, 2021

I am trying to download this fling but redirect me to the documentation in a different portal. Can you please help me ?

Thanks in advance

Apr 21, 2021

This is by design. There's more to this Fling than just the download and requires some understanding/documentation to get started and hence I've unified all of that into a single location :)

Mar 18, 2021

Can we use this flings to for deploying TKG on clients environment? is there any licensing things needs to consider?

Mar 05, 2021

Originally had the cert issue, but added the info below into the config.yaml and it proceded past that point. Now I'm stuck at "Start Creating management cluster..." and it eventually times out. the mgmt control plane VM is created and has an ip, and is pingable.

Feb 01, 2021

Adding the following two lines to the config.yml worked
(copied from Roshan Kamalon on the virtually ghetto site)


Feb 03, 2021

Thanks Roy, I'll give it a try!