Jun 01, 2023

thnks for sharing us

Oct 03, 2022

so can I just load the sensors alone and benefit from the reporting?

May 06, 2023

While it may be possible to load the sensors alone without the reporting system, it is unlikely that you would be able to benefit from the reporting without the corresponding reporting software. The reporting system is designed to interpret the data collected by the sensors and provide meaningful insights or analysis, which is crucial for making informed decisions or taking appropriate action.

Oct 03, 2022

You can use the "Report Only" function in Control my Update - but you always have to deploy CMU to your devices to generate the registry keys.

Sep 01, 2022

Hi team

after i have test,i have some questions:

1. i have two windows10 test machine,one windows version is 1909,another is 20h2
2.I configured and push control my update according to the document,windows update profile configured target version is 21h1

I know the documentation states that 20h2 and later are supported,but I still have a lot of old versions, such as 1607/1803/1909, etc., so I also want to test the results

Now my test result is:
1.the 1909 windows machine has some patches installed, but it keeps prompting me to restart,I rebooted over and over and it didn't update to 21h1
2.the 20h2 windows machine downloaded and installed 21h1 as expected on the first day after registration,Since then,machine have no notify

my question is:

1.Is the behavior of version 1909 expected as this version is not supported
2.The purpose of the target version is to always remain at this version, so there is a new quality update in this version, it will be downloaded, installed and restarted
3.Are there any suggestions and methods for version updates lower than 20h2


Sep 05, 2022

Depending on your patch status, you need to modify the Target release version.

In general the Control My Update solution is fully supported from 1803 and later - the only limitation is the GUI and the profile generation for the devices below 20H2.

There could a lot of different things blocking a feature update.
After the latest CU the FU should getting installed.

If its still not working, feel free to reach out to us via https://www.controlmyupdate.com/home/contact so we can get in direct contact with you.

Aug 23, 2022
Sep 05, 2022

Hey Wannes,

thanks for the feedback!

Good idea with the ring model! We'll take a look into this.

Patch removal will be coming in the next release (tentative in November).