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version 2.1.4 — December 12, 2022

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This Fling is a full 360 degree solution for Windows Update management. Create full supported Windows Update configurations and use the fling for install and monitor Windows Updates.Control My Update (CMU) consists of two different tools.
1. Custom Profile Generator
This graphical PowerShell tool will provide an easy-to-use GUI for configuring Windows Update profiles with the latest supported configuration settings.
a. Create Windows Update profiles that are supported from 20H2 and later
b. Create Delivery Optimization profiles that are supported from 20H2 and later
c. Create the configuration for the Control My Update tool itself

2. Control My Update
This tool will take control over Windows Update and provide an end-to-end solution for patching and reporting.
a. Select the source of updates (WSUS and Microsoft Update are both supported)
b. Define Maintenance Windows to define update installation times
c. Download all required updates before the installation starts – thereby reducing overall installation time
d. Install emergency patches
e. Create custom toast notifications
f. Block specific KBs from installation


  • PowerShell
  • VMware Workspace ONE


Please read the PDF or watch the video.


  1. Is the fling supported by VMware?
  2. Will VMware implement the feature of the fling in Workspace ONE UEM?
    Flings are supported by the contributors; several flings were integrated either as feature or a product.
  3. Does the fling replace the Windows Update improvements in Workspace ONE UEM? 
    The fling extend the capabilities of the Windows Update improvements by adding more extensibility and flexibility.
  4. Does the fling still use Windows Update for Business settings?
    Yes, the fling uses all the settings available for Windows Update for Business as well as all the principles.
  5. Can rings be used with the fling?
    Yes, rings can be used as the fling uses Windows Update for Business settings
  6. Can deferrals be used with fling? 
    Yes, deferrals can be used as the fling uses Windows Update for Business settings
  7. Can Delivery Optimization be used with the Fling?
    Yes, DO can be used as the fling uses Windows Update for Business settings



Version 2.1.4

  • Bug fixes

Version 2.1.3

  • Added Windows 10 and 11 22H2 support
  • Added Update Rollback function
  • Added reboot option if no user is logged on
  • Added sensor assignment function to upload & directly assign the sensors
  • Connection test enable / disable option + connection test will run with the same schedule as the Windows Update search

Version 2.1.2

  • Fixed the reboot notification if device uses maintenance window

Version 2.1.1

  • Single update installation bug fixed

Version 2.1

  • New Profile Generator GUI for CMU settings
  • Retry count for error handling (for download and installation of updates)
  • Pending reboot detection bugfix (if no update was pending, reboot was not triggered during the MW)
  • New toast notification feature
  • Removed toast title and text
  • Improved update detection and reporting
  • Added Windows Update and Delivery Optimization service connection test
  • Added force reboot function for non MW devices
  • Added automatic reboot configuration option for MW devices
  • Added "old" CSP support natively (detection if 32 or 64 bit registry hive is used)
  • Bugfix for logging function (no date / time in CMtrace after a specific date)

Version 2.0.1 - Bug fixes for sensor upload and profile generator (if deferral or restart delay was 0 no CSP was generated)

Version 2.0 - removed the requirement of PSWindowsUpdate Module - now using native Windows Update API
Version 1.2 - Bugfixes
Version 1.1 - Added delivery optimization statistics
Version 1.0 - Added scan time randomization + bug fixes + reporting only mode + decoupled scan interval with the script running interval
Version 0.4 - added reporting functionality
Version 0.3 - added multi day Maintenance Window support
Version 0.2 - changed reboot behavior and fixed Maintenance Window detection + small bug fixes

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