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Container Orchestration on vSphere with Big Data Extensions

Big Data Extensions Fling is a fully configured and ready to run virtual appliance that provisions and manages Google Kubernetes clusters and Mesos clusters with Docker on vSphere.  It allows:

  • Automated provisioning of the VMs and software for Mesos, and Kubernetes clusters
  • Running Docker containers with Mesos, Marathon, Chronos, and Kubernetes
  • Performing common infrastructure and cluster administrative tasks with a graphical user interface integrated with vSphere Web Client
  • Integrating with DevOps and CI tools with CLI or REST APIs

vSphere 5.1 (or later) standard edition

When installing Big Data Extensions on vSphere 5.1 or later, you must use vCenter Single Sign-On (SSO) to provide user authentication. When logging into vSphere 5.1 or later, you pass authentication to the vCenter Single Sign-On server, which you can configure with multiple identity sources, such as Active Directory and OpenLDAP. On successful authentication, your username and password is exchanged for a security token which is used to access vSphere components such as Big Data Extensions.

Enable the vSphere Network Time Protocol on the ESXi hosts. The Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon ensures that time-dependent processes occur in sync across hosts.

Port group (or dvportgroup) with at least 6 uplink ports that has connectivity with the dvportgroups used to deploy your Hadoop clusters.

40GB or more (recommended) disk space for the management server and Hadoop template virtual disks.

Please refer to the How to Deploy Big Data Extensions on vSphere Standard Edition for the deployment instructions.