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Configurator Toolkit for Kubernetes

version — October 07, 2021

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Configurator Toolkit for Kubernetes Fling is a command-line-based tool for authoring Kubernetes YAML files and performing basic Kubernetes administration tasks. Written in .Net 6.0, the tool enables cross platform use on Windows, OSX and Linux.

The tool enables two salient features which can be divided into two categories:


  • YAML definition by means of a structured folder based approach.
  • Import/Export YAML constructs with support for multiple YAML definitions in a single file.
  • Realtime attribute type checking to ensure values entered matches the required Kubernetes API types.
  • Interactively create/edit/delete any attribute within the defined YAML construct.
  • Verify YAML definition based on the Kubernetes API.
  • Realtime access to API attribute documentation which is based on the Kubernetes API.
  • Realtime view of the current Kubernetes defined service.

Interactive Mode

  • Easy connection access to already defined kubectl constructs as defined by the "kubectl" command.
  • Additional connectivity options via a proxy API session.
  • Track changes to namespaces, pods, deployment, replication sets and services in real-time mode.
  • Report of changes to namespaces, pods, deployment, replication sets and services by means of Kubernetes events.
  • Edit or apply any current of new Kubernetes definition construct with access to object configuration information and logs


  • The binary is self-contained which doesn't require any additional components. For ease of use, it is recommended that the binary folder is added to the system path
  • Realtime Mode: To use the real-time mode, kubectl need to be configured and populated with at least one default context.


This Fling is based on both keyboard and mouse interactions where available. When no mouse functionality is available in the case of a SSH session, the TAB key can be used to jump between the window controls

The screen size of the tool can also be resized to enable a bigger viewpoint of the interface.


Changelog - Initial Beta Release


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