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Oct 01, 2021

Hi. I have tested it in my environment but it is not working for me.
I have ESXi-7.0U2d-18538813-standard and want to have SM2263EN/SM2263XT SSD Controller workable
SM2263EN/SM2263XT SSD Controller
Vendor Name Silicon Motion, Inc.
Class ID 0x108
Subdevice ID 0x2263
Subvendor ID 0x126f
Slot 0x0

when I have tried to copy nvme_pci.v00 from 6.5, I can see the device in the storeges list. but it is not work well...

please, add support 126f:2263 to the package


Sep 20, 2021

Thanks for your precious work!
BTW, is there any hope to get back Thunderbolt ports usage?

Jul 12, 2021

Thanks for the great update!
It worked fine with the ESXi 7.0u2 and Transcend NVMe SSD.

Driver :

Tested SSD :
Transcend PCIe SSD 220S TS2TMTE220S
* controller: Silicon Motion, VID:0x126f, PID:2262

May 13, 2021

Just opened a bug. It's understood that Thunderbolt does not work when using this driver, however, the rear USB-C ports do not function in USB mode either.

Jul 06, 2021

All the rear "USB-C" ports are actually Thunderbolt-3 though

Jul 06, 2021

Yeah, I guess I was under the impression that the Thunderbolt protocol is what's broken, and when defaulting bcak to the USB protocol we'd still get functionality. I may have a misunderstanding of how the ports work though