May 19, 2016

This is working fine with vCenter 5.5. Thanks Emil ! :)

Sep 30, 2015

I am getting the following error, and insight on what the issue may be?

Tool Run Started at: 30-Sep-2015 14:12:13
Validating new vCenter Server Certificate and Key File
New Certificate File: C:\certs\rui.crt
New Key File: C:\certs\rui.key
Initial File validation: Pass
Replacing vCenter Server Certificate on vCenter Server Appliance
service vmware-stsd stop RETURN CODE:0
service vmware-vpxd stop RETURN CODE:0
Backup : old vCenter Server Certificate files location : C:\certs
Replacing vCenter Server Certificate: Pass
Changing vCenter Server certificate Returncode: 1
Replace vCenter Server Certificate: Fail
System initiated for reboot. Please login after some time.
Tool Run Completed at: 30-Sep-2015 14:13:04
*****Operation: FAIL*****

Apr 11, 2016

Could you try using the new version of the tool and see?

Sep 17, 2015


can this tool be used with vCenter 6.0 U1?



Sep 22, 2015

no, this tool is for vCenter server Appliance 5.5;

For 6.0 we can, access via https:///psc/ (or) use certificate-manager tool product in-built.
sorry for delay.

Sep 17, 2015


can this toll be used with vCenter 6.0 U1 ?