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BatchV2V is a command line utility that helps to simplify batch V2V operations utilizing VMware Converter. On first run, BatchV2V outputs a configuration file that can be used multiple times to batch copy one virtual machine to many other targets. For many administrators, this is done manually on a regularly scheduled basis with VMware Converter.

BatchV2V helps batch the copy job so you don't have to manually specify the parameters on an ongoing basis.


  • VMware Converter v5.5
  • .net framework 3.5

Make sure you have .net framework 3.5 or higher  installed, then follow the steps below:

  1. Install Converter with client-server(advanced) mode on your Windows desktop
  2. Run "Batchv2v -i" to generate two files "converterServer.json.sample" and "converterTask.json.sample"
  3. Edit "converterServer.json.sample" and rename it to "converterServer.json"
  4. You can edit "converterTask.json.sample" manually, or run "Batchv2v -ft" to generate a task file in an interactive mode
  5. Rename "converterTask.json.sample" to "converterTask.json"
  6. Run "BatchV2V -t" to submit your tasks in "converterTask.json"
  7. Run "BatchV2V -q" again to query your tasks
  8. Run "BatchV2V -c" to cancel all your running tasks
  9. Run "BatchV2V -c task-2" to cancel a task with id "task-2"

Detailed instructions are in the README file that is in the download.