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Comment thread started by stefanb on App Volumes Migration Utility

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Feb 22, 2021

This training suggests that I can see AppVolumes 4.x, and convert to VHD. Is that correct?

When I connect, I can only see the AppVolumes 2.x to convert to VHD (or VMDK).
What can I do to convert AppVolumes 4.x to VHD to use it in the cloud?


Mar 01, 2021

Thanks for using this fling. Currently this it doesn't support converting 4.x VMDK packages to VHD. While the video's audio is correct ("…the migration utility is a VMware fling that converts legacy AppStacks to packages…") there was a typo on the slide which mentioned about exporting 4.x VMDK packages as VHD packages. This slide has been updated in the video. We do have a feature request for 4.x VMDK export and recognize the need. Thank you for your valued feedback.