App Volumes Entitlement Sync

version 4.3 — September 21, 2020

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Release Date: March 21, 2019


The App Volumes Entitlement Sync Tool will read, compare and sync entitlements from one App Volumes instance to another. For App Volumes 4 implementations, several new capabilities have been added. Along with entitlements, the assignment types (marker or package) will be synced. In addition, the ability to build matching Application to Package relationships has been added.

Previous versions of the App Volumes Entitlement Sync Tool pertained only to App Volumes 2.x implementations. With App Volumes 2.x you created AppStacks, or virtual disks containing one or more programs, and entitled AD entities directly to them.

App Volumes 4 creates a separation of the packaging and entitlement process. With App Volumes 4, you create Packages containing one or more programs, and associated Applications to handle entitlements. While this separation improves administrative workflows, it affects the workflow when syncing Packages and entitlements to secondary App Volumes sites.

Version 4 of the App Volumes Entitlement Sync Tool supports both the new App Volumes v4 and older App Volumes v2.x entitlements.







Sites must be able to communicate with where you run the tool from

App Volumes Instances

  • You should have two or more App Volumes instances deployed.
    Instances can be in a single site, or span multiple sites.
  • App Volumes Version 2.x or 4.x


  • You will need an account with permissions to read App Volumes entitlements at the primary site, and to read/write/delete entitlements at the secondary site(s).
  • Install the .NET Framework 4.6.1
    Download the App Volumes Entitlements Sync executable

Version 4.3 Update

  • Fixes Typo in Secondary Site Server Label
  • No longer shows non-replicated applications as errors in the Fix Apps dialog--Much easier to read what will be fixed.

Version 4.2 Update

  • Fix Apps will now automatically fix all Application
  • Package Relationships post replication and only warn if it is unable to delete an Application.

Version 4.1 Update:

  • Get App Volumes version from an API value which always returns the build number.
  • App Volumes 2006 and later has a problem with version 4.0 of the Fling in returning a string value.

Version 4.0 Update:

  • Still supports 2.x App Volumes Managers
  • Added support for 4.x - both Application Packages and Legacy 2.x AppStacks
  • Fixes Application / Package relationships on replication
  • Saves manager address, username and domain to registry
  • Improved logging and error trapping
  • Able to sync Application Package Markers
  • Able to delete empty Applications
  • Detects and displays selected assignment type
  • Displays the version of the CURRENT marker or shows if none is set
  • Shows App Volumes manager version on main page

Version 2.4

  • Fixed problem with sync button being disabled
  • Added check for App Volumes 2.x and App Volumes 4.x managers and will pop up message that they can't be synced

Version 2.3

  • Fixed Error: "The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel".
  • Show a message if AppStacks on source and destination do not match
  • Phase 1 of Mount Prefix sync done - show mount prefix on the list of entitlements
  • Does NOT support App Volumes 4.0 yet - support will be added in the next version.

Version 2.2

  • Ignore Extra AppStacks on Primary or Secondary Server - these would cause compare to crash
  • Export Primary or Secondary Server Entitlements to XML

Version 2.1

  • Fix for no entitlements on source side App Stack
  • Adds label "No Entitlements" to App Stack on source side with no entitlements