This fling has been deprecated.
May 09, 2020

I'm having some trouble getting this working. I originally installed PowerCLI 6.5, and it worked far enough to create the backup VM, but then I got errors when trying to select it. Got something like "object is not an instance of object" errors and could not continue. I realized later that PowerCLI 6.5 is not compatible with our 6.7 vCenter Server. I removed PowerCLI 6.5 and installed 11.5, and now this fling will not even start because it doesn't see PowerCLI at all. Likely due to it not being "installed" any more, and rather being installed through Powershell now.

Has anyone got around this restriction? Maybe this fling is not used anymore as there are very few comments recently. If this is true, how are you backing up writables and app volumes?

Jan 16, 2020

Appstacks backups with Veeam are working, but snapshot removing is not working correctly for most of Appstacks. Veeam is trying to do consolidation, without success. Consolidation is failing with error An error occurred while consolidating disks: One or more disks are busy. Following, I identified that all ESXi hosts have a lock on the ###-flat.mvdk, probably because many VM, on all hosts, are using this Appstack.
The questions are: is it normal? How to backup an attached AppStack without problems?

Jan 16, 2020

The workaround is actually to delete the VM with the App Volumes Backup Utility and then to remove every -XXXXXX-sesparse.vmdk and -XXXXXX.vmdk files in the datastore.

Nov 26, 2019

Hi Chris,
We are using this backup tool for our old vcenter and appvol environment and this works well. Since moving to VXRail, Vsphere 6.7 and using VSAN, when I try to create a backup vm the utility suggests it has created successfully but doesn't state the _avbackup file name (unlike when your screenshots) and nothing is done/logged within VCenter. Because there are no errors im struggling to understand why this isn't working or how to troubleshoot this.
Does this utility work with ESXI6.7 and VSAN etc?


Nov 01, 2018

I'm having an issue with PowerCLI version even though I have PowerCLI 10.1.
Can you please fix it?