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Android vSphere Big Data Extensions Client

Android vSphere Big Data Extensions Client is an Android application which provides vSphere BDE users a tool for monitoring and simple management of the vSphere BDE server.

Features vSphere BDE Client provides the following features:
  • Display all of the Hadoop clusters which have been created on the vSphere Big Data Extensions server and check their current status
  • Allow users to perform some simple operations on each cluster (such as start, stop, scale up/down, scale out)
  • View the datastores and networks available for creating Hadoop clusters
  •  vSphere Big Data Extensions Server 2.0.0 or higher
  •  Android 4.0 and above

  1. Download the serengeti_android-release.apk to your mobile or tablet device
  2. Enable Allow installation of apps from sources other than Playstore under Settings --> Unknown sources. (This setting can be disabled after installation of the app)
  3. Select the serengeti_android-release.apk from your device and select Install
  4. The app is installed with the name 'vSphere BDE' and it will appear under Apps as an icon